Push to Talk Microphones

Microphone Discussion Systems (Wired & Wireless)

Our push-to-talk delegate microphones offer a digital microphone control, and recording and webcasting functions - both wired and wireless systems are available. Our technology is ideal for large or small meetings where full interactive discussions take place.

The push-to-talk microphone system allows participants to have quick and easy access to broadcast-quality microphones.

The sound experience during an event should be perfect from beginning to end. If the audio equipment is used professionally, sound can be adapted perfectly to each event.

A concert has different technical requirements to a conference or a video presentation. It is also important to pay attention to consider the intricacies of the location. Certain floor coverings or pillars in the room can 'absorb' the sound.

buk Solutions sound specialists can select the appropriate sound system for you based on a range of factors. We can guarantee an excellent sound experience even under difficult acoustical conditions.

Key features:

  • Simple wireless and single-cable technology with minimal installation times
  • Each delegate has immediate access to a push-to-talk microphone
  • Chairman-override facilities allow more structured meetings
  • Up to five separate systems from a single central controller
  • Remote control of microphones via PC software over TCP/IP (Ethernet)
  • Eliminates the need for roving microphones during Q&A sessions


We have professional microphone systems, interaction and voting systems, and interpretation facilities for events of any size and occasion available to rent.

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